Alphabet Town is the 2nd Studio album of the popular singer Melanie Martinez. Alphabet Town has 13 standard tracks and 3 deluxe, making 16 tracks total.

Pre Album Edit

Melanie began writing the album right after Crybaby, but started putting most of her time into it near the end of her Crybaby Tour. Timothy Heller is Melanie's past best friend who made a quick little deal wit Melanie before their friendship ended. Timothy developed a fake assault story about Melanie, so Timothy got some fame, and so Melanie got the attention off of herself so snippets and leaks would stop being posted.

The Release Edit

Melanie announced the album on her Twitter Saying it would be released in May, but at the last moment Melanie had record label issues, and the name of the album (Bluffington) was leaked by Amazon. She had to settle things with her label and quickly make a new tittle song Melanie this song was Alphabet City. Melanie explained that she had some issues wit her label, and said that the Album was coming in June. On June 15th the first song, Blossoming was released. Melanie released another statement on Blossoming's release date saying that for the next couple of weeks, every Friday and Monday, a new song will be released. She also confirmed a Tracklist.

Tracklist Edit

Deluxe Tracks Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Silence Says, Jimmy Tells and Lover Boy tell the same story from different angles, Silence Says is about Jimmy acting like Simon in the game "Simon Says" Lover Boy is the sweet side to Jimmy but no one knows his bad side and Jimmy Tells is the dark side to him told by the girl he is playing.
  • I Scream is a sequel to Tag, You're It
  • Blossoming was the first Song on the Album, and was given a ton of pre-hype on her Instagram