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"Empty Hell" is the upcoming third studio album by Melanie Martinez. Currently, not much is known about it.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Unknown track
  2. Unknown track
  3. Unknown track
  4. Unknown track
  5. Empty Hell
  6. Unknown track
  7. Unknown track
  8. Him and Him (rumoured)
  9. Unknown track
  10. Unknown track
  11. Unknown track
  12. Unknown track

Deluxe edition

  1. Unknown track
  2. Roar (Katy Perry cover)
  3. Unknown track
  4. Unknown track

Rumoured Songs Edit

These are song titles that are rumoured to be on the album by fans, however they are unconfirmed.

  • Him and Him - It is rumoured that Melanie will be adding a song that talks about gay rights on her album. Fans believe that this song may happen because Melanie has posted a teaser of the tracklist with most of the songs blurred out except for Empty Hell and Roar, however, a title that appears to say Him and Him is more clear than the rest of the songs.

Trivia Edit

  • This album was originally going to be about Cry Baby, however Melanie scrapped that idea after becoming bored with the character.
    • Due to this, the album was further delayed from its intended release in January.
    • However, some of the songs from the original version were reworked to fit the album's new theme.
  • Although Melanie previously stated that there would be no collaborations on this album, she tweeted that there would be a popular female artist featured on one of the tracks.[1] When asked by a fan who it is, her response was only "You'll see".
    • Fans speculated that this singer could be Lana Del Rey, however, Melanie later confirmed tthat was false, although she would "love to collaborate with her some day".
    • Later on, Melanie confirmed that there would actually be more than one feature on the album. She mentioned that one of them would be Billie Eilish, but that Billie was not the person she was referring to in her original tweet.

Gallery Edit


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