"Froot Baby" is a collaboration album of Marina Diamandis and Melanie Martinez. It features mashups of songs from Marina's past albums (such as Electra Heart and FROOT) and Cry Baby. It was released on December 17th, 2017. The first single, Pacify the Homewrecker, was released on February 14th, 2017, and a music video for it came out on February 20th.

Tracklist Edit

The entire tracklist has not been fully revealed, however a few songs have been officially released. Other titles have either been leaked or confirmed by Melanie and Marina.

  1. Froot Baby (single)
  2. Teen Dolls
  3. Unknown track
  4. Pacify the Homewrecker (single)
  5. Savage Boy
  6. Unknown track
  7. Heartbreaker Party
  8. Unknown track
  9. Unknown track
  10. Immortal Hatter (single)
  11. Unknown track
  12. Radioactive Bear
  13. Unknown track
  14. Unknown track

Deluxe Edition

  1. Unknown track
  2. Supermodel's Man
  3. Unknown track
  4. Unknown track

Trivia Edit

  • Savage Boy was not originally intended to be released, however a large portion of it was leaked. Melanie and Marina had decided to officially release it due to the majority of their fans loving the song.
  • Both Melanie and Marina posted their half of the cover art on their Instagram accounts, then later on they posted the whole image.
  • Although I'm Not a Little Kid Anymore was rumoured to be a song on the album, it was later confirmed to be a demo of Alphabet Boy.
    • Lonely Hearted was also confirmed to be a demo of Heartbreaker Party.
    • It is still unknown whether Story of a Superhuman and Pitiful Lies are actual songs, demos for other tracks, or just fake titles.
  • Supermodel's Man was originally thought to be made up of the songs Supermodel's Legs and Gingerbread Man, however, it was proven to be a completely new song after the release of the deluxe edition.