Happiness is a song by Melanie Martinez.

Background Edit

Melanie posted on her Twitter announcing her next album, later announcing this song and Sunlight. Happiness is the second song by Melanie not to be about Cry Baby, like PIGGYBACK. She then announced the release dates of these three records, with Happiness's release date being April 13. Melanie also said the reason she picked that particular date was because it would be Friday the 13th, which is usually associated with unhappiness and fear, while Happiness is the opposite: happiness and confidence. Melanie wrote and produced the song by herself.

Theme Edit

The song is about how all of us have struggles, but to make the best of it and be happy.

Lyrics Edit

[Verse One]

Life is beautiful, but we all know

It can be hard sometimes

And even though (oh)

We all have struggles,

We should never let them hurt us

[Pre- Chorus]

All of us,

Have problems to deal with

But it's all part of life

And there's nothing bad with being happy at times


I see funny cat videos by the beach

I won't stop having a fun time

Even though I have problems

All I feel is happiness

Oh woah, oh

[Verse Two]

Arguments, relationships broken

All the melodrama that goes on the world

Let me tell you this

It's okay to let go of it all, and finally be free and happy

[Pre-Chorus Two]

All of us,

Can fight through our struggles

And even if they don't stop

Just take a breath and be happy


My friend and I are going through things in life

And I see something so wonderful

Therefore a smile lit my face

And all I feel is happiness

Happiness, happiness, ah ah


It's all right

Oh, woah

Just don't waste your time

On something like that

And just live life

'Cause you only live once


We all have to face things in life

Good and bad

But it shouldn't make you stop being happy ever

'Cause all you need to feel is happiness

And all I feel is happiness


Happiness, happiness

Ah, ah

Try to make the best of things

And always try to live life and feel happiness