Paper Towns is a fanmade album made up by me (AshleyxTrash) If you want to edit please ask me first, small editing is fine. Thank you all for helping me out! Also please give me credit if you use this album outside of this wiki. Credit to Nacrite for making the album cover, it looks amazing btw. PLEASE STOP RUINING THIS PAGE!

Paper Towns is Melanie's third studio album. Originally the album was scrapped with a Christmas album, but due to fans loving it so much she released it afterwards.  

Idea Edit

The Idea of "Paper Towns" I thought of Paper Towns because when I look at Melanie's album covers I see a town made of paper...PAPER TOWNS and Melanie said her next album will be set in the town so I thought it was perfect. (this was not based on the movie or book)

Theme Edit

The theme/story of Paper Towns is about Cry Baby focusing on her town and everything fake about it. From friends, people and life. It also reflects on other people and who they are. Some songs relate to school and growing up.

Cover Art Edit

The title "Paper Towns" is about Melanie's albums covers and how they all feature paper houses. The album cover shows paper clouds instead. The clouds are raining, which is clearly a reference to Melanie's "Cry Baby" theme.

Singles Edit

"Paper People" was released November 22nd, 2017 as the first single to the album.

"Melted Plastic" was released December 1st, 2017, as the second single to the album.


1. Cry Together

2. Go Home

3. I Scream

4. Strawberry Boy

5. Paper People

6. Milk Man

7.  Broken Heart

8.  Playground

9. Hop, Hop, Fall

10. Melted Plastic

11. Burning Wax

12. Crayons

13. Silence Says


14. Blossoming

15. Lover Boy

16. Jimmy Tells

Trivia Edit

  • Melanie revealed the release date of the album in a tweet. [1]
  • The album cover is confirmed to be a metaphor for having your "head in the clouds".
  • Burning Wax is a sequel to Melted Plastic
  • I Scream is a sequel to Tag, You're It
  • Silence Says, Jimmy Tells and Lover Boy tell the same story from different angles, Silence Says is about Jimmy acting like Simon in the game "Simon Says" Lover Boy is the sweet side to Jimmy but no one knows his bad side and Jimmy Tells is the dark side to him told by the girl he is playing.

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Credits Edit

AshleyxTrash - Owner of the album and idea

Nacrite - Owner of album cover