Pastel Ribbons is a collaboration album between Melanie Martinez and That Poppy. It will be released on Dec. 25th, 2017. It features only 2 previous songs in the form of remixes. It doesn't have a story unlike Crybaby.

Tracklist Edit

1.Crybaby's Lowlife

2.Break Your Heart (Ft. The Chainsmokers) (Single)

3.Bossy B*tches (Single)

4.Pastel Ribbons (Single)

5.Ya Get It

6.Someday (Excluding Poppy/ Ft.Panic! At The Disco)

7.I'm Crybaby

8.Live (Single)


10.The Storybook

Production Edit

Production on the album started early 2017 after Melenie finished her album. She decided to work with Poppy since they both have dark yet cute types of style. They wanted an early 2018 release but decided on an early release. They announced the album in one of Poppy's videos,where Poopy says "I like this song." And then plays a then unknown song on their album, titled "I'm Crybaby" a remix of "I'm Poppy".

Trivia Edit

  • The title of the albums is a lyric in Pity Party.