The admins here are people you and trust for any issues you may have and come across on the wiki.


These people have the most power. They can promote/demote anyone, edit the wiki, and change the code. there is currently 2 Bureaucrats here on the wiki. To identify a Bureaucrat on their profile, it would be labeled Crybaby.

100#.pngStanleyHead of Command
100#.pngXXCastAwayXxCoder & 2nd in Command


Admins are the second highest power on a wiki. They can do the same stuff as Bureaucrats, but they can't demote Bureaucrats themselves or promote people. There are currently 2 admin positions open on this wiki.To identify an admin on their profile, it would be labeled Alphabet Boy.

100#.pngChristinaGrimmieLove Admin

Chat Moderators

Chat moderators can kick or ban users from the chat that are breaking rules. They cannot do anything else on the main wiki. There are currently 2 chat mod positions open. To identify a Chatmod on their profile, it would be labeled Blue boy.

openopenChat Moderator
open open Chat Moderator


Rollbacks can undo edits quicker than normal users. They can also revert edits back to the last user to undo vandalism.


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