Strawberry Boy is a song on Melanie Martinez's studio album, Paper Towns.


Cry Baby talks about her lover, Strawberry Boy. He is an unfaithful partner and wants to change Cry Baby, as he does not truly accept her. The reason that they're in this relationship in the first place is because Cry Baby and Strawberry Boy originally got along until he began acting as if he owned her. She is fed up with this behavior and is commanding him to stop.


Strawberry boy, don't forget what you told me

Strawberry boy, always hold me tight

Strawberry boy, you thought you controlled me

Strawberry boy, you thought you could mold me right

I won't let this go without a fight

Why can't we go back to our strawberry delight?

I'm not your shortcake anymore

Why can't we go back to what we were before?

Left me at a loss for the words

Oh just take me back to our lovely days

Where we sang those hip, hip hoorays

Back in the days, loving you was fun but oh you've changed

Nothing can top what you just did to me

(Strawberry boy, strawberry boy)

[Reversed and distorted] Now you've changed