NOTE: I have listened to the whole album itself, my favourite song is Famous Last Words ^-^ I like MCR.

Welcome to the Cry Baby is a collaboration album featuring Melanie Martinez and former emo band My Chemical Romance. This album was hinted when My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero said "We're in our 30s but we wouldn't mind collaborating with songs based on kid stuff."


  • The End of Cry Baby.
  • Deadhouse!
  • This Is How I Sippy Cup
  • The Sharpest Carousel
  • Welcome to the Alphabet Boy
  • I Don't Soap You
  • House of Training Wheels
  • Cancer Party
  • Tag, You're Mama
  • Milk and Sleep
  • Pacify Teenagers
  • Mrs. Disenchanted Head
  • Famous Mad Hatter
  • Bloody Date [Hidden Track]


  • The name of this album was changed to "Welcome to the Cry Baby" despite the original album only being called "The Black Parade".
    • This was done to avoid any possible racial topics had it been called "The Black Cry Baby".